Back to school!

Hello and welcome to my brand new (first) blog! My name is Jascha Trygg and this blog is about my ventures as a digital marketing student at Medieinstitutet, Stockholm. It’s been a while since university but I always had a thought about studying once more in my life. The idea of life-long learning has always… Fortsätt läsa Back to school!

Strategic Marketing

We started the course strategic marketing lead by consultants from Nordic Morning.   It´s a broad course covering theoretical frameworks for marketing in general as well as well as marketing law.    We got a group assignment to write a marketing plan för a company or organization. I teamed up with Jenny and Casandra (best team) and we… Fortsätt läsa Strategic Marketing

Day one!

Its the first day of school. Im exited and i even bought myself a new school bag. We had a general introduction today by our course administrator Ida which was very informative. Seems promising! It seems like a lovely class with a wide range of personalities with different backgrounds and experience. We even got a… Fortsätt läsa Day one!