Back to school!

Hello and welcome to my brand new (first) blog! My name is Jascha Trygg and this blog is about my ventures as a digital marketing student at Medieinstitutet, Stockholm.

It’s been a while since university but I always had a thought about studying once more in my life. The idea of life-long learning has always been very appealing to me and here I am. Back in School!

I have been working for almost 20 years in fashion and I have seen the impact of digital transformation on the industry from a close angle. Even though my focus has been leading a design team and creating collections, I have been more and more involved in digital transformation and opportunities with digital marketing. My view is that the fashion industry in general has been pretty slow to adapt and many companies have lingered a bit too long in old business models with wholesale as the main focus.

I have been on the buyer side of digital marketing for quite some time working with different consultants and agencies. Working with this has triggered a curiosity and interest for digital marketing. I thought to myself: Maybe this is something that would be interesting to learn more about?

This is whats brought me back to school! I am very happy to be here and I think it’s a blessing to once more go to school.

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